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Scarlet Pimpernel
les mis, grantaire
...So I would like to officially apologise to my younger self for not reading The Scarlet Pimpernel aged ten.

Back when I was in full-blown Treasure Island-Prisoner of Zenda-Kidnapped-Secret Garden-Count of Monte Cristo L-space, and could have given it the kind of unequivocal love it deserves, without going "oh, values dissonance" and "for the cleverest woman in Europe she could be brighter here" .

Because as an adventure story it is AWESOME.

But my favourite thing was totally Marguerite and Armand St Just. I ADORED Marguerite. I would totally read a book that consists entirely of Marguerite being a witty socialite by day and a KICKASS REVOLUTIONARY by night, instead of the part where she follows Percy Blakeney all over the Calais coastline and gets blisters to prove her devotion, with some casual anti-semitism thrown in along the way.

Also if there is fanfic about the Saint Just's crazy co-dependant revolutiory childhood, I would eat it up with a spoon.

 I mean, I liked Percy Blakeney. Percy Blakeney is great fun.

But Marguerite St. Just, I HEART YOU SO MUCH.

I'm sorry ten-year-old self. You really should have had this book.


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