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the fork of truth

A while ago I was miserably ill; in the space of two weeks our household came down with scarletina, infections and ruptured cysts. Yeah, I know: gross. So I did what I do in times of stress and reverted to comfort-reading kidlit. Have some kidlit reviews!

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the fork of truth

It is the end of the holidays, and what I have been doing with my holidays (besides writing) is, basically, watching large amounts of television, including the first seasons of Copper and Orange Is The New Black plus all of Ripper Street,

I'm not sure what to say about Ripper Street apart from that apparently Victorian police dramas are a Thing I Love.

Random stuff I  ended up researching after watching it: the Anglo-Egyptian War and Pinkertons.

Also, the fact that every episode is unofficially themed on a Nineteeth Century Invention.

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CopperCollapse )

I'm not sure that I can articulate all the things I liked about Orange Is The New Black. Transgender issues! Race! Social inequality! Gender and sexuality! All the ladies! About the only downside is that it was not fluffy enough for me to watch all of it in one go.

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Possibly reading Les Mis at a young and impressionable age has left me with an irrational love for Convict Dramas About Social Justice.


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